Second FunnelWeb Workshop 2015

The Second FunnelWeb Workshop was held at the Australian Graduate School of Management, UNSW on November 9-10, 2015. Presentations are at the bottom of this page.
The FunnelWeb survey aims to create the "HD Catalogue for the 21st Century", by delivering uniform spectroscopy for a factor of 10 or more of the brightest stars in the Southern sky than any previous survey. It will target SNR>100 spectra at R>2000 between 390 and 880nm of all stars down to I=12 and south of +10, plus all candidate M dwarfs down to I=14.
FunnelWeb utilises the Starbugs technology (developed by the AAO), to enable a faster spectroscopic survey than any other technology.

With the survey set to commence observing in the second half of 2016, this meeting is an important next step in defining the mechanisms required to implement the survey, as well as the science the survey will address. Issues that the meeting will focus on include:
* What catalogues will be cross-matched with the resulting FunnelWeb database?

  • Strategies for selecting observing fields (i.e. tiling, object selection) from the Input Catalogue.
  • Survey Implementation
    • Scheduling of the observers (which will be required for at least the first 12 months?
    • Planning each night's observing?
    • Implementing each nights observing, Maintaining observing logs? Updating the input catalogues.
    • Tools required to do the above
  • Processed data through to extracted spectra. Calibrating to external photometry.
  • Object Classification Algorithms (i.e. Spectral types, Binarity, etc)
  • Object Parameter Estimation (i.e. Teff, log(g), [Fe/H], [alpha/Fe]
  • Data distribution
    • Within the team
    • To the world
  • All the science FunnelWeb will address

Venue - There meeting will be hosted by the Exoplanetary Science at UNSW group at the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) conference venue at UNSW.

Registration - Please register by e-mailing Breaks and meals will be provided. There will be no registration fee.



Kyler Kuhn - The TAIPAN Instrument
Chris Tinney - A FunnelWeb Primer
Sarah Martell - Big Survey Lessons from GALAH
Mike Ireland - FunnelWeb and TESS
Simon Murphy - Young Stars & M dwarfs
Sarah Martell - Galactic Science with FunnelWeb
Sanjib Sharma – Galactic Science, Target Selection & Observing Strategy
Simon Murphy – The Input Catalogue
John Bentley - A photometric M-dwarf catalogue
Mike Ireland - Data reduction and FunnelWeb

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