Third FunnelWeb Workshop, 6-7 Feb 2017

The aim of this workshop was to update the FunnelWeb community, develop the final draft collaboration agreement and have "busy-day" periods where working groups make progress in final planning for survey operations.

Day 1 Morning Speakers ("Technical" Session)
Attendees (both local and remote): Simon Murphy, Yuan-sen Ting, Ken Freeman, Elisabeta da Cunha, Weibin Shi, Martin Asplund, Luca Casagrande, Kyler Kuehn, Marusa Zerjal, Chris Tinney, Adam Rains, Michael Ireland, Sarah Martell, Jeffrey Simpson
Carlos Bacigalupo, Fred Watson, Derek Buraski

Day 2 Morning Speakers ("Science" Session)
Attendees (both local and remote): Mike Ireland, Barbara Rojas Ayala, Sarah Martell, Jeffrey Simpson, Simon Murphy, Timothy Crundall, Adam Rains, Weibin Shi, Martin Asplund, Yuan-Sen Ting, Ken Freeman, Mike Bessell, Luca Casagrande, Marusa Zerjal, Chris Tinney, Duncan Wright, Borja Anguiano, David Platz, Sanjib Sharma