FunnelWeb Workshop 2013

FunnelWeb will be a major new stellar and exoplanetary spectroscopic survey undertaken using the UKST and the TAIPAN spectrograph.
FunnelWeb current baseline is to target a SNR>100 spectra at R>2000 between 390 and 880nm of all stars down to V=12 and south of +30, plus a volume-selected and metalicity-selected sample down to V=15. It takes advantage of the starbugs technology (currently being prototyped at the AAO), enabling a faster spectroscopic survey than any other technology.
All interested members of the Australian astronomical community are invited to attend a 1-day workshop at UNSW on 7 August. The workshop will run from 9:30am until 4:30pm, and will include talks on science, survey strategy, and a discussion session. Community members who would like to take leadership roles in science or analysis subgroups are especially welcome.
Venue - School of Physics, Old Main Building, Ground Floor Room 64, University of NSW. For more details see the Venue page.
Registration - If you are interested in taking part in this workshop (or the FunnelWeb survey) please register your interest by emailing
Final Program - available as a double-sided PDF

Speaker and Ttitle

9:00 - 9:30

9:30 - 9:10
Welcome (Tinney & Ireland)

9:40 - 30m
Michael Ireland : Scope of the FunnelWeb survey, dimensionality of spectral space, 3D reddening and Galactic structure.

10:10 - 20m
Kyler Kuehn: Optimising the FunnelWeb survey for speed using Starbugs technology.

10:30 - 20m
Robert Content: Optimising the TAIPAN spectrograph design for stars and galaxies using microlenses on injection.

10:50 - 20m
Chris Tinney: FunnelWeb for pre-mission TESS spectra and future Doppler planet-search targets.

11:10 - 20m
Steven Marsden: Stellar Activity with the FunnelWeb survey.

Lunch at nearby UNSW cafes

1:00 - 30m
Stefan Keller: Identifying classes of metal poor stars with SkyMapper + FunnelWeb

1:30 - 20m
Sarah Martell: Lessons for FunnelWeb from the Sloan survey and GALAH planning.

1:50 - 20m
Borja Anguiano: "Spectrophotometry with the Funnel Web survey. Towards a robust stellar parameter derivation"

2:10 - 20m
Daniel Bayliss: Lesson for FunnelWeb from R=3000 spectral typing campaign on WiFeS.

Afternoon Tea.

3:00 - 20m
Fred Watson : Lessons for Funnel-Web from RAVE

3:20 - 4:30
Discussion including Planning of Next Steps, Organisation of Working Groups, Preparation for Science Case and Design Reference Mission

  • Brett Addison (UNSW)
  • Borja Anguiano Jimenez (Macq)
  • Michael Ashley (UNSW)
  • Daniel Bayliss (ANU)
  • Carolyn Brown (USQ)
  • Russell Cannon (AAO)
  • Daniella Carollo (Macq)
  • Jade Carter-Bond (UNSW)
  • Lucyna Chudczer (UNSW)
  • Robert Content (Durham/AAO)
  • Vincent Dumount (UNSW)
  • Miroslav Filipovic (UWS)
  • Joss Hawthorn (USyd)
  • Andrew Hopkins (AAO)
  • Jonti Horner (UNSW)
  • Michael Ireland (Macq/AAO)
  • Prajwal Kafle (U.Syd)
  • Stefan Keller (ANU)
  • Kyler Kuehn (AAO)
  • Jon Lawrence (AAO)
  • Vicki Lowe (UNSW)
  • Stephen Marsden (USQ)
  • Sarah Martell (AAO)
  • Colin Navin (Macq)
  • Daniela Opitz (UNSW)
  • Gordon Robertson (USyd)
  • Graeme Salter (UNSW)
  • Chris Tinney (UNSW)
  • Fred Watson (AAO)
  • Duncan Wright (UNSW)

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